As our club has grown, so too have the opportunities for giving of your time to support the programs and initiatives MVLA champions.  It takes a village (and even more!) to effectively run an organization of our size and provide the quality coaching and opportunity we all want our children to have.  Our volunteer program gives families a chance to help contribute to the club's success and efficient operations.  Many of the volunteer opportunities will also afford a chance for our teenage players to participate too, allowing them a chance to contribute off the field as well.  

Visit our Parent Page for more information about our volunteer program.  Learn more about current opportunities at ivolunteer

There are many ways you can fulfill your volunteer requirement that span the entire year.  We have several annual events for our community, including Soccer Night (also known as senior night), our Golf Classic and auction, club nights at local soccer venues, such as group outings to Earthquakes games and more.  All of these events provide opportunities to jointly acknowledge and enjoy what MVLA means to us and our kids. encourage you to find a time and activity that you will enjoy and find rewarding

REQUESTING VOLUNTEER FEE REIMBURSEMENT: Once you have fulfilled six hours/player of volunteer hours, you may request reimbursement (or make a donation) of the $100 volunteer fee.  Please use the Volunteer Reimbursement Request Form to request reimbursement, donate your volunteer fee, or confirm volunteer hours if you have received financial aid.  

For families that have received financial aid, the requirement is 6 hours of volunteer service per player per season for whom aid is received.  You are required to report your hours before the deadline of June 30, 2018.  Thank you.

Spring 2018 Volunteer Hours Reimbursement Request Deadline is June 30, 2018


  • In order to submit the form, you will need to have already satisfied your volunteer service for the current season.  
  • Please have the dates, locations and number of hours of service performed when you complete the form as you will need to enter that information for any volunteer activity/role served other than being a team manager or Board member.  Those will be the roles you sign up for on the club website through ivolunteer.  To view total hours volunteered go to ivolunteer and click on "My Commitments" to login.  Use the same email address you used when signing up to volunteer.
  • You will need to submit one form per player per season if you would like to be reimbursed, donate that fee to MVLA or receive volunteer service credit hours required for financial aid.
  • Volunteer hours will be verified by the Club Volunteer Coordinator, then provided to the club treasurer who will issue reimbursements, donation acknowledgements or annotate hours volunteered for financial aid recipients.
  • Reimbursement requests for spring 2018 must be submitted no later than June 30, 2018.

Any questions can be directed to our volunteer coordinator at volunteers@mvlasc.org.

Forms cannot be edited once submitted.  Forms that are incomplete or do not contain approved volunteer roles will not be processed. Approved volunteer roles are those for which sign up opportunities are available through iVolunteer, approved team manager roles or other designated club-wide roles.