Fall 2019/Spring 2020 Season Kick-Off Letter

Hello MVLA Families,

On behalf of our coaches, staff, and the Board of Directors, we would like to welcome all new families and welcome back our returning families. We are very excited to start the fall season with our nationally recognized boys and girls programs and talented coaching staff dedicated to the development of your player.

MVLA is a club with a dual mission - to be the best soccer club in the country while simultaneously being community based. We take pride in developing local players from the area and giving them a life-long love for the beautiful game of soccer.

Fall 2019/Spring 2020 Registration Opens This Week
You will receive an email with instructions on how to register your player(s). Please complete the registration process before July 31 or earlier if your team begins training before this date. There will be a $150 late fee imposed after Wednesday July 31, 2019, 11:59pm. In preparation for the season, we will require documents and information in addition to your payments to ensure your child can participate in practices and games. You will be asked to provide some of this information through the registration process. Other information and documents will be requested by our registration system over the next few weeks. Please make sure to follow up with all club requests and contact your team staff (coach and manager) if you have any questions. See MVLA Eligibility Requirements for more information.

As a reminder, MVLA has gone to a full year registration cycle. Given that nearly 95% of our club participants continue on to play in the spring, we have decided to eliminate the entire spring registration process to simplify payments for our families and enable MVLA to consolidate fees and efficiently plan for the year. You will still have the opportunity to pay your invoice in installments if you choose to spread out payment throughout the year, and if your child chooses not to participate in the spring season, he/she can opt out by notifying us before December 1st.

As one of the top clubs in California, MVLA Soccer Club is proud to offer some of the most competitive fees in the area. Again, keep in mind that the fees are reflective of the two seasons. You will have the option to pay in full or select a payment plan. Throughout each season, you are responsible for payments towards club fees as well as covering team fees that incur during the season. Please see Fall 2019/Spring 2020 Fees for more information.

In the past year, the club has incorporated player pass fees and most recently team league fees into MVLA fees. Our ultimate goal is to try and put all fees under one payment so parents aren’t asked to contribute intermittently for team fees, allowing our families to budget better and save time. We realize that there are challenges to this endeavor, but MVLA is dedicated to easing burdens on individual parents who are paying as well as team volunteers who are in charge of the finances. Through this endeavor, we are increasing our commitment to Financial Aid families who may need help, and easing the burden on parents who may be asked to make up the difference.

We will be using the same uniforms from last year. If you are a new player this fall, once you finalize your registration, you will receive an email from our uniform system, MyUniform, asking you to login and order your player’s uniform. Please note that we expect every player to order all required items in the catalog.

Financial Aid
We are proud to offer discounted fees to families who qualify for financial aid. We hope that you have already collected and provided us with the necessary information to process your application. Please see Financial Aid page for more information.

Fall Training
Fall training begins the week of August 5 for most teams (some teams will begin in July). You will receive the practice schedule and exact start date from your team staff (coach and manager) once the fall training schedule is confirmed.

MVLA Soccer Club is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that takes pride in developing local players on and off the field. Each year, MVLA supports families in need with nearly $100,000 in Financial Aid to ensure that players are not priced out of the rewarding opportunity to play competitive soccer. As costs rise, we simply ask the families who have the means, to consider making a donation to the club. We do our best to keep player fees low for our families and provide the maximum value to our members. All donations are tax deductible and every cent donated will go towards helping families in need of support. Please consider donating during the registration process.

Thank you for your time. Please keep an eye out for MVLA registration material. We wish all of our teams the best of luck in the upcoming fall season.

MVLA Soccer Club