03B Fiorentina White Finalists at Ajax United End of Summer Clash

[25 September, 2018 by Coach Javier Barboza] On September 1st the Fiorentina White 03 boys team participated in the very competitive Ajax United Boys End of Summer Clash, in Modesto, and they were finalists in this event.

For the first game, the boys played their hearts out against Rooselvelt YSL Revolution J., and lost 0-3. The team showed their resilience and battled the tough Ajax United in the second game. The boys end up with a 2-1 victory after after the whistle blew. The team knows what they can accomplish, and we ended with a very convincing 5-0 victory in our third game.

As a finalist, that meant we would battle again with the tough Roosevelt YSL, and we ended with a 1-0 loss. The boys played very well in this tournament, and they can be proud of their performance.

Go Fiorentina White!!!

Fiorentina W. Modesto tournament   Finalist.png