MVLA Kickstart - Helping Families in Need

By Coach Ali Hall

MVLA Kickstart was created within MVLA soccer club to plan, mentor, and organize opportunities for our players to show leadership within the community to give back to individuals or families in need.

This holiday season MVLA families pulled together to donate soccer gear and clothing to the nonprofit organization, "Help Kids Today" in San Jose. Through the nonprofit, we were also informed that a local family of 10 lost most of their clothing when their house unexpectedly burnt down a few weeks before Christmas.  Due to the efforts from 06G Roma White players and MVLA families, MVLA Kickstart was able to quickly come together to gather necessary items to help this family.  The Graham-Martinez family offered their home as a place where families could drop off necessities and gear for several weeks.

The Roma White girls and Coach Ali Hall gathered together on a Friday afternoon to separate every piece of clothing that was donated and began labeling and bagging each type of item. As a MVLA Kickstart community, we were able to collect; 157 pairs of socks, 128 pairs of shorts, 93 pairs of shoes, 36 pairs of shin guards, and 203 t-shirts!.

This was one of the first of many accomplishments as a MVLA community and we are proud of our players and families supportive leadership.  MVLA Kickstart will continue to provide various opportunities for players and families to work together and participate in an important effort to give back to those in need.  

Any questions, comments, or if you want to get involved contact Coach Ali Hall at

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity and responsibility to give something back by becoming more” ~Anthony Robbins