MVLA Seniors Sign to Play Collegiate Soccer

MVLA Soccer Club held its annual Signing Night on Friday, March 11th to honor the seniors who signed to play collegiate soccer next fall.  Over 100 parents, coaches and board members were in attendance to congratulate the seniors and celebrate their hard work and commitment to the game of soccer.

Congratulations to the following seniors:

Player                                  MVLA Team                    College Committment

Jacob Porter                         98B Black                          Kentucky Christian University
Connor Allison                     Clash                                  Occidental College
Emily Koflanovich                Pride ECNL                        Azusa Pacific University
Kelly Park                              Pride ECNL                        Boston University
Talia Missan                         Pride ECNL                        Bowdoin College
Georgina Stiegeler              Pride ECNL                        Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
McKinly Yeager                    Pride ECNL                        Cal State Northridge
Meghan Scudero                 Pride ECNL                        San Diego State University
Shae Murison                       Pride ECNL                        University of California, Santa Barbara
Jessica Yu                              Pride ECNL                        University of Oregon
Kelsey Andrews                   Pride ECNL                        University of Pennsylvania
Megan Lloyd                        Pride ECNL                        University of Pennsylvania
Aerial Chavarin                    Pride ECNL                        Yale University
Veronica Alberts                  Pride EGSL                        Emerson College
Kimberly Chen                     Pride EGSL                        Case Western Reserve University
Kaitlyn Chen                         Pride EGSL                        Illinois Wesleyan University
Monica Polgar                      Pride EGSL                        North Dakota State University
Julia Lodoen                         Typhoons ECNL                University of Chicago
Georgia Kingman                Typhoons ECNL                University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Kasey Cruz                           Typhoons EGSL                Chico State University