MVLA Soccer Club has strict policies regarding eligibility. Players must maintain their eligibility status in order to participate in organized team practices, league games, and tournaments. Here are the eligibility requirements:

  • Players must be up to date with their club and team fees. Players with missed installment payments will be ineligible.
  • All requested waivers and documents (concussion waivers, code of conduct, etc...) must be up to date. During the season, MVLA may ask families to review and respond to certain documents and waiver.
  • Basic player information needed for club operations and credentials (player photo, address, proof of DOB, proof of residence, etc...) must be up to date.

On weekly basis parents, our coaching staff, and directors are notified of ineligible players. Coaches are expected to notify players and won't allow them to participate in training until their eligibility status is updated. 

Please contact us ( if you have any questions about player eligibility requirements.