Community Benefits

MVLA Soccer Club has always been a pillar in the community.  Over the past years, MVLA has been providing opportunity for players of all ages, by offering financial aid and programs to the community. With over 1,000 players and hundreds of volunteers, MVLA is a community of families, parents and players who are More than a Club. 

Vibrant in the desire to nurture our children's love of soccer, MVLA brings together families from across the area.  Fueled by this shared interest, we have a community that encourages, develops and celebrates soccer skills, teamwork and the positive environment we create together.  From food to toys and pajama drives, to outreach to support organizations that bring soccer to those with less opportunity across the area and the world, MVLA Soccer Club is about more than soccer-- a place to develop life-long skills, on and off the field.  Our coaches encourage players to be their best, on the field, in the classroom and as sons, daughters, siblings and more.

Over the past several years, individual teams have demonstrated their community spirit through stuffed animal drives at Christmas, gear drives for those in need and more.  For ideas about community programming or outreach, feel free to email our Board Community Coordinator.

Member Benefits

In addition to joining a vibrant community of families and players, MVLA has also arranged a variety of discounts for MVLA families.  

Soccer Parenting

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As a benefit, MVLA has arranged for a membership in Soccer Parenting for all members of the MVLA Community.  We hope you take advantage of this membership to learn more about the game of soccer and to hear from youth soccer experts from around the world.  "The Soccer Parenting Association aims to enhance every child's youth soccer experience by engaging, educating, supporting and advocating for parents."

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All MVLA members receive membership (no cost) in MySoccerParenting.  Create your login here