Board of Directors

Check the list below to find contact information for our Board of Directors and other volunteers.

Governing Board:

Executive Director:  Joe Cannon

Chairperson: Kevin Moos

Vice Chairperson: Karl Motey

Secretary: Chris Karic

Treasurer: Cathy Goldberg

Board of Directors At-Large:  Armen Najarian, Matt Vokoun, Lance Westcott, Dean Alford and Page Hetzel

Operations Board:

Executive Director:  Joe Cannon

Community Development Coordinator: Kirsten Hayes

Controller: Fe Zamora

Field Coordinator: Drew Van Horne

Fundraising Coordinator (Golf Classic): Marisa Cannon

Fundraising Coordinator (Sponsorships): Open

Human Resources and Contracts Coordinator:  Dean Alford

Operations Support Coordinator: Angie Petrella

Referee Coordinator: Jason Bloomstein

Registrar: Jason and Trish Carballar

Tournament Coordinator:  Teddy Ciupitu

Volunteer Coordinator: Margaret Inui 



Technical Director: Albertin Montoya

Director of Goalkeeping: Joe Cannon

Field Manager:  Drew Van Horne

MVLA Events & Communications Manager: Angie Petrella





Important Documents

The following list of documents provide useful information about MVLA programs and policies.  


MVLA Constitution

Financial Aid

Good Neighbor Policy

Directed Donations

Team Manager Handbook


Tryout Information

Uniform Policy

Late Cancellation Policy

Extra Game Fees